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© World Xodus 2018

Humanity’s existential truth, the one which will ultimately set us free, is being revealed through human history, current affairs and emerging events..

As we near closing time on the ‘material age’, what we can and need to do, to create an infinitely better world, which is way ahead of, and beyond, the one we live in.

Profiles and perspectives on how universal conscious energy can impact on our individual and collective empowerment and wellbeing, as we journey through life.  

E X P L O R E  O U R  L A T E S T  C O N T E N T

Xodus is an open book, an un-ending story, based on three generic chapters; Revelation, Revolution and Journey and you, along with your loved ones and global companions, can play a key role in the intensely Joyful but never-ending final chapter in the evolving Xodus story.


Xodus offers perspectives on how through revolution, revelation and by embarking on a transformative spiritual journey, humanity can realise a sustainable heaven on earth existence for all, while leaving behind the deadly greed, poverty, materialism and misdirected ideologies which have enslaved all peoples of this world.